How We Saved This Insurer 60% on Repair Costs

Repair Management


One of AAMC’s insurance clients came to us for our repair management service. They’d received a repair estimate for a Nissan GT-R with $60,000 of repairs quoted. However, the car only had minor damage and was still in a safe driving condition.

blue car
Blue Car


We were engaged and instructed to ascertain why the repair cost seemed so disproportionate to the category of impact the car had had. It had a low-impact hit and received no structural damage at all.


One of our assessors identified that there was a component that cost $27,000. Our assessor found that it was able to be repaired by confirming with the manufacturer and validating the repair method.


By confirming the repair with the manufacturer and validating the method, we secured our insurance client a 60% saving in repair costs.


  • 60% saving in repair costs