Intermediated Motor Team (IMT)

AAMC is transforming Intermediated Motor Claims

AAMC’s proactive approach with a motor incident sets the claim up for success by expert intervention from day zero, resulting in a more streamlined, controlled process benefiting all stakeholders including brokers, insurers, commercial customers and supply chain managers.


IMT provides brokers, their customers and claim teams a smooth, seamless claims capability utilising a calculated and considered early intervention approach.


All accident management activities from the day of loss, including triage of the damage, facilitating all communications, assisting with repair estimates, and commencement of the assessment process, are provided by IMT. The focus post registration is on expediting the assessment reporting and the approval/authorisation stages.

By initiating and implementing expert support that begins the moment the incident occurs, IMT sets the claim up for success from Day Zero. 

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A proactive claims mindset is the difference

The period from the initial incident, to broker notification and claim lodgement with the insurer is critical. AAMC’s early intervention program, IMT, is designed to provide the broker, the policyholder, and the insurer with expert guidance and support, providing certainty at this time.


Typically in these claims, the insured is left to their own devices to arrange repairs and manage any business interruption due to unavailability of their vehicle. For insurers there is limited opportunity to initiate any cost saving mitigation strategies until well into the claim cycle. The early intervention by IMT means all elements of claim control are initiated at the right time, enabling meaningful cost control for the underwriter and a well supported claim experience for the broker and their client.

How IMT benefits the broker and their customers

The IMT model enables a broker to provide a high-quality best practice claim capability as part of their insurance offering and value proposition. IMT provides an immediate, industry leading response to a brokers’ customer disadvantaged through a major incident by ensuring that both the broker and policyholder remain informed and updated on the progress of the claim, with clear expectations being set from day one.

Key elements that deliver a quality claim outcome

Immediate assistance and guidance for claimants

Early identification of damage type, severity and location

Early intervention to mitigate storage and towing costs

Expert guidance based on suitability and capability of repairer engagement

Sourcing critical parts early in the claim cycle

Digital customer interface for gathering evidence and maintaining communications

Proactive not-at-fault third-party engagement

Immediate identification and processing of total loss vehicles

How IMT improves the claims process


Slow/No claim progress

Post registration as the claim undergoes a series of steps within an insurer, including hand-offs between various divisions such as registration, claims handling, and internal assessing, brokers and their customers can often feel like they're in limbo with little insight as to the progress of the claim.

With IMT

Consistent progress & happy customers

IMT facilitates and maintains momentum, removing potential roadblocks in obtaining repair estimates, identifying total losses, initiating assessment and following up authorisation with regular updates provided through key claim milestones.​


What happens next?

Once the claim is registered, often there’s little to no visibility as to what actual stage the claim is at. Is it still with a claim handler? Have estimates been received? Has it been assessed?​ Have the repairs been authorised?

With IMT

A clear picture

IMT proactively updates all stakeholders on claim progress milestones, initiating follow-ups and providing information regarding any potential issue that may delay progress. All parties will have clear visibility on the progress of a claim and what to expect next (and when).​


Duplication, delays & roadblocks

Costly delays and roadblocks in progressing claims can appear at every stage and customers are especially feeling the sting of unnecessarily extended off-road time for their vehicle.

With IMT

Immediate action & movement

Engaging at Day Zero, IMT communicates with your customer to gain a complete understanding of the incident and situation, and immediately begins to identify and initiate the most appropriate fulfilment path. This key step ensures that the claim is set up for success.



Some insurers’ claims processes are impeded by multiple touchpoints and hand-offs between departments that can create complexity and delay claim progression. Examples are waiting for supporting documentation or digital images or estimates from repairers, before enabling the claim to progress to the next stage, which can all act as roadblocks.

With IMT

A clear path forward

IMT eliminates any obstacles that may impede the estimating or assessment stages of a damaged vehicle claim. Any pending information, documentation and material is proactively followed up, ensuring continual progress is maintained.


Customer enquiries regarding progress

Brokers have to manage regular enquiries from claimants wondering where their claim is at. These all require valuable time and resources in following up the insurer for progress updates that in turn have to be communicated back to the customer.

With IMT

Proactive updates

IMT eliminates any need for a broker or their customer to chase up the insurer for an update. By maintaining constant oversight of the claim and providing regular proactive updates, IMT ensures all stakeholders remain aware of progress and more importantly any impediments that could delay the claim.



Managing complaints and queries, from policyholder to their broker, or from the broker to the insurer is a time-consuming and costly function for all participants in the claim including the customer.

With IMT

Satisfied customers, teams & stakeholders

Not all complaints are resultant from delays or inefficiency, however by IMT’s management of critical elements early in the claim life cycle, and providing visibility and transparency, minimises any potential complaints emanating from the initial lodgement, estimating and assessment stages.