Suspicious Third Party Costs

Loss Assessing


We were engaged by one of our insurance clients to handle a third-party repair after some suspicious repair costs arose. It was a relatively minor claim following a low-speed impact incident. So, the cost didn’t quite add up.

White Car
car bumping a truck on a motor vehicle accident


We were instructed to ascertain why the repair cost demand seemed disproportionate to the actual damage incurred. This meant we had to do some investigating to find out where the costs were coming from.


We sent out one of our assessors to investigate the matter. We identified that substantial pre-existing damage had been included in the repair estimate and so, there was subsequent demand against the insurer.


AAMC managed to secure a 45% saving in the repair cost for our insurance client and we had the matter resolved 30% faster. There was no extra cost to the insurer and the insured’s car was repaired using only original parts.


  • 45% saving in repair costs to our insurance client.
  • 30% faster
  • No extra cost
  • Original parts only