Our Team

Janelle Chadwick

Customer Service Manager – Litigation

Janelle brings a positive and results-driven approach to the role of Customer Service Manager – Litigation. She effortlessly operates within complex legislative frameworks, whilst maintaining a deep passion for leadership, professional and personal development and providing exceptional customer service. Janelle’s wealth of knowledge and experience shines through as she ensures the timely and cost-conscious delivery of performance outcomes, as her commitment to excellence is evident in her results and creating a positive and thriving work environment. Proficient in building and nurturing key stakeholder relationships, Janelle excels at forging robust partnerships that significantly contribute to our revenue growth. Her expertise extends to actively creating a culture of repeat business and customer referrals, making her a valuable and uplifting presence within our management team. Janelle’s positive energy and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction make her a true asset to AAMC.